sábado, 23 de setembro de 2017


leaf sack - DaD DESIGN - Love Gardening @Tres Chic
* 6 single sit animations
* 1 single rake with prop
* 23 Couple cuddle animations
skybox - DaD DESIGN - SOHO Industrial Loft-skybox @ULTRA
SOHO LOFT with Privacy cube
- skybox with 7 New York City scenary
- size: 55,5x 42.0
- size: 43.7x 43.7
- l.i.:65 prims
- copy /mod yes(scripts are not mod)

skybox - DaD DESIGN - SOHO Industrial Loft-skybox @ULTRA

Zen Creations - Studio Kitchenette (Adult Menu)
Zen Creations - The Den Livingroom (Adult Menu)

Zen Creations - Book Lover Bedroom (Adult & PG Menu)
Zen Creations - Industrial Office Desk Set (Adult Menu)

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  1. Amazing photography,creating an entire house/scene, so much hard work going into this, everything blends so nicely together, good choice of items to compliment each other, windlight and shadows so nice, thank you!