quinta-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2017


house - DaD DESIGN "Woodpecker Cottage" c/m V.1.0 @District20
sofa - Zen Creations Cozy Cuddle Chair
pumpkins - Zen Creations Chrumpkins Icy Blue
snowman - Snowman Sack CHEZ MOI @PAYING IT FORWARD
penguin - MyBOXiD - Skier 10 @Cosmopolitan 4th - 16th December!
penguin - MyBOXiD - Snowboarder 09 @Cosmopolitan 4th - 16th December!
penguin - MyBOXiD - Mrs. Santa Claus 03 @Cosmopolitan 4th - 16th December!
penguin - MyBOXiD - Igloo 12 SPECIAL @Cosmopolitan 4th - 16th December!
sleigh - Santa Sleigh (Adult) CHEZ MOI
table w/ chair - GOOSE - Snow covered old garden @Tannenbaum
trees - LB_YoungSweetChestNut{Seasons}*Animated
trees - LB_WildOak.v1{4Seasons}*Animated

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  1. What a beautiful wintery photo, it is very hard to pull off such a great photo with wintery whites but you did it with perfection and amazing shadows too, lovely scene indeed, thank you for including Zen in it!